(Author: Michel Cárdenas)
Why do I still miss you, I ask to myself?
And as always there's no answer, only pain
The pain that keeps haunting me everyday of my life
Making me to remember that once I had you at my side

And I know it's been long since the time we used to think
That nothing really mattered, as long as we could be near
Thinking that time would stop, to let us live our dreams
That we could take our time, cause eternal our love would be

But time passed and our eternal love had to end
And took away all the plans of our happy days
Everything we lived, our laughs, our cries, our joys and pains
All became memories of something that would never be again

And as I look back, after these many years
I realize, that I still want you to be here
I still want you to be the one with whom my life to share
Still think of you as the most beautiful and perfect girl
But you are no longer here, you have gone so far away

Now something bigger than miles is what keeps us apart
Cause I know that you don´t want me anymore at your side
You just don’t want to know that I want so badly
For a last opportunity of you being aside me

So why do I keep hanging to all these feelings
Why can’t I just forget and keep on living
What did you do to get so deep inside myself?
Why do you still mean so much for me, my girl?

I know time will wash away all our happy days
And with them will disappear our cries and pains
But I am sure there's something I will never forget
That you made me to know what's heaven on earth

By Michel Cárdenas

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