(Taken from Ann Landers' column)
Responsibility must be taught from the time a 12-month-old can throw a toy into the basket until he or she leaves the nest. As a parent of three children, 9, 6 and 5, I find it a daily challenge to teach my children to be responsible for their actions. It would be easier to let things slide, but it is MY job to teach them to be responsible human beings.

"Who left the light on? Come and turn it off."

"Wipe up the milk you spilled."

"Call your piano teacher, and tell her you're too sick to go to your lesson. I won't do it for you."

"OK, guys, you and your friends clean up the mess you made in the basement. Remember, that was our agreement."

It's much easier to pick up after a kid than to keep on his case, but children DO learn, even though they gripe and grumble.   They get the message.

It's exasperating to work with people who show up late (or not at all). We all know folks who are notorious no-shows, can't be depended on to keep their word and have wonderful excuses for everything. Look around at the men and women who are successful, and you will find they have one thing in common.  It is a sense of responsibility.

— From the Old School in Greenwich

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