(By our friend Ely Ann)
September 21 of 2005

My name is Ely Ann Trevino Moreno, right now I live in Vienna Virginia but I was born in Mexico.

I have lived like 9 years in Mexico, but I move to Virginia.

I have one brother and one sister, my brotherís name is Elias and he is 9 years old, my sisterís name is Elizabeth and she is 13 years old.  My brother is in this school and he is in 4th grade and my sister is in 8th grade.

My object is a shy simley face because when I am with my friends I always laugh more than they do or sometimes no.

I bring this shy smiley face because in the school I always get shy when I have to talk English because when you donít talk much English you get shy because you would not like to say a bad word or something wrong.

I bring this smiley face because only 10% of 100% I am mad or sad and Iíam always smiling.
I think when people see me smile they get happy because they donít like when I am sad or mad.

I bring this smiley face first because I always smile and Iím usually happy and people feel good when they see me smiling.

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