Do you have the right to complain?
People often complain about what a rotten day they had when they catch a cold or miss a bus. Here is a questionnaire that should put things in the proper perspective for those who think they had a rotten day. Answer yes or no to the following questions:

Today —

Did a family member or dear friend die?
Did the tests you took last week reveal you have cancer?
Did your child get hit by a car?
Did your husband (or wife) announce the marriage is over?
Did you lose your job?
Did you get shot at?
Did your young son run away from home?
Did you just discover that your best friend and your spouse are having an affair?
Did your daughter phone from college to say she's pregnant?
Did your business go bankrupt?
Did a tornado, hurricane, cyclone or flood hit your house?
Did you suffer a heart attack or stroke?
Did your lover announce he or she "needs more space"?
Did a bomb explode in your area?
Did you just discover a trusted employee has been stealing?
Did your spouse surprise you with divorce papers?
Did somebody break into your home last night?

If you answered yes to one of these questions, you have a right to complain that you had a bad day. If not,   quitcherbeefin', and count your blessings. 

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